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R142 Datasheet

R142 Chassis Datasheet

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R142 Series Chassis

The Yamasaki R142 Media Converter Chassis can hold up to 14 Yamasaki media converters, for ease of use it can handle hot swapping with any combination of different Yamasaki media converter models.

For maintaining perfect network stability, the Yamasaki R142 Media Converter Chassis comes with two built-in cooling fans, dual power supplies with smooth automatic switch-over.

Suitable for Yamasaki Media Converters.
Ordering Guide:

R142 – Media Converter AC 110V-240V.
R142D – Media Converter DC-48V.
C102C – Media Converter RJ45-MM/SC/2km/FE.
C102T – Media Converter RJ45-MM/ST/2km/FE.
C225C – Media Converter RJ45-SM/SC/25km/FE.
C305C – Media Converter RJ45-MM/SC/500m/Gb.
C420C – Media Converter RJ45-SM/SC/20km/Gb.
C400 – Media Converter RJ45 to SFP.

Download Datasheet for more technical specifications.

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