Singlemode Media Converter

The Yamasaki C2 Series Singlemode Media Converter is often used in pairs, these media converters convert a copper transmission to fibre optic transmission and then back again, these media converters can vastly increase the range of a data network. They operate bi-directionally and can auto sense between 10 & 100Mbps. The innovative LED indicators can display data transfer rate, packet movement, connection status, full or half duplex and power status at a glance for added ease of use.

Ordering Guide

Product CodeWLDSTCConn
C225C1310nm25kmRJ45 – SC
C240C1310nm40kmRJ45 – SC
C260C1310nm60kmRJ45 – SC
C280C1310nm80kmRJ45 – SC
C2100C1310nm100kmRJ45 – SC
C2120C1310nm120kmRJ45 – SC
DSTC = DistanceWL = Wavelength