Bi-Directional Fast Ethernet SFP

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Bi-directional Fast Ethernet SFP transceivers are sold as a color coded pair. These units comply with Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA), this ensures compatibility with all major brands, such as; Cisco®, D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear, Hikvision. HP, Dell and other major brands are also compatible upon request. Check compatibility for your needs by contacting a sales rep via email or call us on: (03) 8761 6622.


SFP Ordering Guide

Product CodeModeSpeedWLDSTCConn
S51314L-15YSM 155Mbp/s1310/155015KmLC
S51314C-15YSM 155Mbp/s1310/155015KmSC
S51314C-15YSM 155Mbp/s1550/149015kmLC
S51314L-15BSM 155Mbp/s1490/155015KmLC
S51414C-15YSM 155Mbp/s1550/149015KmSC
S51414L-15BSM 155Mbp/s1490/155015KmSC
S51315L-40YSM 155Mbp/s1550/131040KmLC
S51315L-40BSM 155Mbp/s1310/155040KmLC
S51315C-40BSM 155Mbp/s1310/155040KmSC
S51315C-80YSM 155Mbp/s1550/149080kmLC
S51315L-80BSM 155Mbp/s1490/155080KmLC
S51415C-80YSM 155Mbp/s1550/149080KmSC
S51415C-80BSM 155Mbp/s1490/155080KmSC
DSTC = DistanceWL = WavelengthMM = MultimodeSM = Singlemode