Fiber Identifier a most versatile tool for you to use.

tf916-fiber-identifier Fiber Test

Yamasaki’s Optical Fiber identifier (OFI) is a sleek, rugged, easy-to-use test instrument that can identify optical fiber by detecing any optical signals transmitted though them.

This makes it a versatile tool for field technicians.

Live fibers do not need to be disconnected and it provides the resource to trace fibers from end to end as well.

During the process, the fiber optic identifier causes no harm or damage to the fiber cable at all.

How does an Optical Fiber Identifier work?

The Yamasaki TF916 OFI is clamped onto the fiber, where it creates a macro-bend to allow a small amount of light to escape. The Optical Fiber Identifier uses this light to detect the presence of network traffic, test tones and indicate the direction of the signal. An audible tone emits if traffic is detected.

The Yamasaki TF916 Fiber Identifier Features

  • wavelengths 800-1700nm
  • Identified Signal Type: CW 270Hz, 1Khz, and 2Khz
  • Hands-free operation
  • Power Saving Feature
  • Rugged out housing
  • Ultra Bright LCD display
  • Belt Pouch
  • 9V battery operated

The Yamasaki TF916 Fiber Identifier uses

  • Testing for Traffic
  • Finding live fibers without disconnection
  • Can be used with the Yamasaki TLU Light Source to find dark fibers
  • Relative optical power readings help match live fibers end to end.
  • Tone detection
Fiber Tester
Fiber Tester

The Yamasaki TF916 Fiber Identifier Interchangeable Adaptor Heads

Also included with the Yamasaki TF916 OFI are four adaptor heads that are specifically designed to suit various optical fiber types with minimal bend loss.

They are

  • 250um adaptor head
  • 900um adaptor head
  • 2mm adaptor head
  • 3mm adaptor head

as displayed below

TF916 Interchangable adaptor heads
TF916 interchangable adaptor heads

The Yamasaki TF916 OFI Tone generation feature

Illumination of any of test tone LEDs and continuous audible tone indicates the presence of the test tone of the corresponding frequency.

Identified Signal Type: CW 270Hz, 1Khz, and 2Khz

Fiber Tester
Fiber Tester


The Yamasaki TF916 OFI is an essential part of any professional fiber optic tool kit.

By inserting the fiber into the Yamasaki TF916 OFI head, the Yamasaki TF916 OFI can be used to identify traffic, traffic direction, frequency, and optical power within any singlemode optical fiber.

The ultra-bright LED display is easy to read and the audible tone makes operation easier which can save you valuable time in the field.

This instruction video might also be of interest to you also.

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